Marriage has been regarded as a major social institution that creates, maintains ad upholds the culture, rituals and norms of a society and reflects the values related with the process of recreation and formation of a family that is basic unit of the society. Marriage allows institutionalizing the relationship among people that are supposed to be from opposite sexes according to the general perception about marriage (Gallagher and Baker, p4).  

Marriage has been viewed as the central part of the cultural landscape of the societies due to which it is often considered that same sex marriage have negative effects upon the values, attitude and beliefs about birth held by the society. Over the time, the cultural values about marriage has been changed and in the secular world, recognizing the marriage between people same sex marriage has evolved as an important social change and development (Foster, p2).

Same sex marriage also called homosexual or gay marriage has been evolved as highly controversial issue and centre of heated debates for last few years. The advocates and opponents of same sex marriage used to support their stance with the help of some strong arguments. The essay also aims to advocate and support the same sex marriage and views it as a source of soughing basic freedom right and equality of mankind.

The essay stresses upon marriage equality and presents the thought that as free humans beings we should have the right to decide either to get marry with the person of same sex or another and the issue could not be viewed and judge on the basis of religions and traditional social norms but it should be viewed from a liberal and secular stand point while giving equal rights of freedom and happiness to all the people. Same sex marriage must be given legal recognition so that the people seeking homosexual marriage could get legal protection while making free choice for their future lives.

Since marriage is basically intended to socially and publicly recognize the intimate relationships amongst two people then there is no harm in declaring that these two people belong to same sex. Same sex marriage is correct because it fulfils the marriage’s basic purpose to protect and safeguard an intimate pair bond.

Same sex marriage has been prohibited in some of the religions of the world but in the secular society of the modern day people of all the colour, religion and race and supposed to have freedom of choosing the dimensions of their lives and selecting their intimate partner regardless of sex. Moreover, marriage is a civil liberty so it must be perceived separately from religion and all people have the right to choose their life partner regardless of gender (Somerville, p3).

The people of opposite sex are bestowed with many wishes, rights and benefits when they stand before congregation of witness and make vows to give love and respect to each other throughout their lives however, if people of same sex expressed same feelings and for each other they are not allowed to get married neither they are granted several rights, benefits and wishes. It reflects practice of double standards in the society that must not be encouraged and same sex marriage should also be welcomed and wished like marriage between opposite sexes (Stevenson and Wolfers, p27).

The freedom of choice to get married with the person of opposite or same sex reflects the freedom of thought and decision that a person enjoys within a society. Freedom is the foundation stone of our nation and our society and as a nation we believe that all humans are equal and have equal rights of life, liberty and happiness. Based upon this proposition, it is right of an American to have freedom of religion, speech and pursuing happiness. Bible also teaches that homosexuals have the right to love and share happiness with each other (Somerville, p3).

The opponents of same sex marriage widely believe that it destroys the basic concept of marriage and it is not the right way of representing the natural procreative association that is formed from the bonding between opposite sex pair. The social norms governing the procreation process also change in case of same sex marriage because in this case it would not become possible to have usual relationships and commitment with each other like spouses. However, this argument does not seems strong enough and people favouring the same sex marriage could work to maintain their relations with same sex spouse in the usual manner like an opposite sex couple (Gallagher and Baker, p4).

Same sex marriage is often opposed on the grounds that homosexual relations are not biologically natural and their union could not result in production of children. From this standpoint, it seems that there is necessary link between marriage and procreation however, when sterile and impotent people could also get married knowing that they could not reproduce children then why the same sex marriage should be opposed from this standpoint. Since marriage is not conditioned with procreation the marriage between people of same sex should not be opposed from the point that such couple could not reproduce children

If marriage is only supposed to be the union of couples having the intention of maintaining the procreative relationship than the opposite sex couple having no desire to have children would also be excluded from the marriage and only men and women able and willing to reproduce would be allowed to get into the martial relationships that is not the case in real. It implies that the opposite sex couples could marry even if they don’t want to get into the procreative relationship then there is no point of conflicting on the issue of same sex marriage on the grounds that it does not symbolizes the reproductive potential.

At present same sex marriage has not been legalized in United States due to which there are no significant rights bestowed to the gap couples. The American Civil Liberties Union declared in 1996 that law confronting same sex marriage promote discrimination on gender base because they make the ability to marry dependent upon one’s gender that is not fair treatment of the people. Same sex marriage must be given legal protection to affirm the governance of principles of liberty in the country regardless of gender and social restrictions (Stevenson and Wolfers, p27).

Same sex marriage is also opposed on the basis of tradition and it is argued that homosexual marriage is contrary to the marriage traditions and historical conceptions about marriage. This argument also seems illogical because the history contains several examples where the marriage is not purely based upon sincere union of two people but it is used for seeking several benefits (Foster, p2).

E.J. Graff in this book What is Marriage for explains that historically marriage is not consistent with the traditions and there are several marriage held in past that were not meant for union of two people love each other but for the sake of money, property and other benefits. Hence, if two people of same sex want to marry for the sake of love and affection than they must be given priority over the other who marry just to seek different benefits and not for real love (Stossel, p1).

There are several benefits of allowing same sex marriage that possessed great importance in understanding its significance. If the same sex marriage is legally allowed and socially accepted then it will not only stable the homosexual relationships but at the same time it will also discourage promiscuity because the people of same sex willing to spend lives with each other will get social and legal protection for their choice and they would become able to carry on their relationships in socially acceptable manner (Foster, p2).

The entire discussion could be sum up with the conclusion that same sex marriage is a mean to pursue social liberty, freedom and happiness. Marriage equity is the right of the people that must be given to them socially and legally and there must be awareness among the people regarding wide array of benefits associated with same sex marriage. The free people of the free society and free nation much not be restricted and legally bound while making their decisions and choice for selecting the partner for their lives and they must be given the right to have partner from opposite or same sex.