Secondary mathematics can be considered as an excellent medium for the maturation and enhancement of an individual intellect together with the competence in rational as well as logical reasoning. Secondary mathematics also helps in enhancing the spatial visualization, numerical reasoning, problem solving along with the abstract oriented thought. The importance of secondary mathematics cannot be ignored because it is equally vital in contemporary science and technology. Moreover it is also useful yet practical in everyday living.  To enhance the scientific skills and individual has to enrich him/herself and the only available option is the use of strong, rational and discrete secondary mathematics. The enhanced focus on secondary mathematics ensures the ever increasing compatibility to meet the comparative and complex environment of workspace where the concepts of Collegiality, leadership and administration are involved.

Kentucky’s programs for enhanced skills in secondary mathematics are aimed to grab the mandatory mathematical and logical concepts, which are applicable in everyday life. Moreover, these skills are designed for a continual acquisition in mathematics, stats and genetically related disciplines. The second most prominent role of teachers associated with Kentucky’s school system is to formulate and explicate the mandatory procedures and skills for the finest acquisition and application of discrete leadership and management qualities. (Yow, 2005)

In Kentucky’s school system the duty of the mathematics teacher is to formulate the secondary mathematical based reasoning in association with the problem solving techniques. Moreover, it is also the responsibility of Kentucky school system to apply the discrete integrals of secondary mathematics along with the problem solving techniques. It is the duty of teacher belonging to Kentucky school system, to enhance and implement the techniques of secondary mathematics during the crucial stages of decision making. Moreover, it is the responsibility of teachers, to enrich the students, with the study concerning evaluation, effective reasoning, and managerial decisions. With the advancement of science technology has reached the sky limits. To take decisive decisions need a well blend of advanced technology, modern sciences along with the knowledge of secondary mathematics. It is the duty of teachers to amend the syllabus according to the need of the time. (Brumbaugh, 2001)

To cope with the complex decision making processes within the domain of a workplace one should be highly imaginative and calculative. For the enhancement of the leadership and management skills absolute knowledge of the secondary mathematics is vital. Therefore, teachers associated with Kentucky school system are encouraged to focus on the secondary mathematics curriculum in corporation with leadership and decision-making skills. For the better understanding of the composite and advanced skills, mathematics plays a vital role. For instance, the integral part of mathematics in technology and applied sciences cannot be ignored. Same is the case with the leadership and management skills. To understand the composite and complex issues concerning the workplace environment, it is mandatory to have a solid mathematical background. Moreover, the film grip on the discrete elements of the secondary mathematics, one get able to cope with the situations which otherwise turn into hurdles.  It is the mandatory duty of the secondary mathematics teacher to ask students for varying yet simple sums related to management and leadership. This will give them an idea to mold and re-formulate the issue in terms of digits and numeric values. Once done with the figures, it will be easy for them to evaluate the product of the quantities and it will ultimately help them in making, the right decision.  (Steven, 2010)

Teachers no doubt play a vital role in our development. When we talk about the secondary mathematics teachers, we are talking about personality making teachers and instructors. These individuals reshape our logics and thinking. Any individual reading mathematics is reshaping his/her mind according to the instructions provided by the instructors and it is no doubt the very delicate process of learning. Any wrong concept will cause a fetal loss for the whole workplace and decision making process. Moreover, for the better understanding of the situation one should ever get ready. Once again this is only possible with the absolute and flawless training from the instructor. It is mandatory for the teachers to keep their students upgraded to every possible extent. Moreover, it is recommended to use frequently the contemporary technology along with the applied mathematical skills. This will favor students in two ways. Initially, the students will feel enriched and it will built confidence in them. Secondly, using the technology like wired boards, smart boards and wireless networks within the domain of an education establishment will be an appropriate technique to grab the attention of the students. Gaining the attention will result in the better output which is the ultimate goal of a successful instructor. (Odviar Robertson, 2008)

As a conclusion, teachers in the subject of secondary mathematics mold and reshape our skills. They turn us into a complete different person and enrich us to the level where our mind is able to imagine and create hypothesis. These situations form the basics of decision making, leadership and administrative processes. Therefore, it is recommended that the educational systems should enrich every educational unit with the professional mathematical instructors to tell us how to look beyond the imagination of others.