“Rear window” is an American film, which has a lot of joy and its director is Alfred Hitchok. This film is by Michael Hayes revolves around Cornell Woolrich’s short story of 1942, entitled, “It Had to Be Murder”. Researchers have identified that the film “rear window” is the best among those by Hitchcock. The film “Rear Window” became part of America Film Registry in 1997. The Film is about a professional photographer known as L. B. “Jeff” Jeffries, a lame man, with one broken leg. Jeff, in this film, uses a wheel chair to make progress adjustments from on settlement to another. In summer heat wave, Jeffries settles in what writers call “His rear window” to protect his neighbors who lose their windows open in order to stay cool. Among the tenants he can see is a dance who he nicknames “Mis Lonely Heart” and a songwriter, some married couples and Lars Thorwald, a sales people having a bedridden wife. This paper will focus on the character behavior of all the characters in the movie in relation to the current time.

The film “Rear Window” unfolds a story about the results of Jeffries act of watching his tenants and with particular interest on the wholesale salesman of Jeweler. Jeffries, a peeping Tom, one day, identifies that Thorwald has started making frequent night trips and it comes to Jeffries mind that the immobilized wife has passed on. This is a very common characteristics of the current neighborhood behavior in different residential areas.

Tom Doyle, the New York Police detective, tries to investigate the matter but finds no evidence about Jefferies claims. The suspicion that Jeff puts on Thorwald about killing his wife becomes an amusing scene in the entire film. This is because, after a while, on imagining that Thorwald has murdered his wife, Jeff’s tenants get a dog lying dead in the courtyard. To Jeff, whatever happens at his position makes him anxious. When a dog dies, for instance, Jeff imagines that Thorwald, who was holding a knife and a handsaw, has killed both his wife and the dog. Jeff goes ahead o believe that the reason Thorwald killed the dog is that, he had buried something in the courtyard, which, according to Jeff must be his wife, and the dog would cut out the buried dead body. Jeff plans to get rid of Thorwald, as his tenant through organizing an event at a bar, outside their home, with Thorwald to send him away. While in a meeting, Jeff’s girlfriend and other people try to dig around flower gardens to determine if Thorwald buried something. Unfortunately, they mean nothing and try to break up.

All issues in the film trap Jeff’s being a peeping tom, just like many people are. However, towards the end of the film, Jeff’s belief that Thorwald killed his wife becomes a reality after Jeff calls the police rescue his girl friend from Thorwald, who Thorwald found  escaping from Thorwald’s apartments and with a gold ring of the late Thorwalden’s wife on her finger.  In the struggles held between Jeff and Thorwald, Jeff finally loses his lower leg and becomes merely lame, but he eludes, owners of the dead dog take the other one and all things that had gone wrong get well.

In spite of the fact that this film was produced quite long ago, and with all its challenges of breaking the moment and swinging to police, all the time, many folks have not yet seen acknowledged that peeping is a problem. This would be because few devote much interest in watching different films to rear window or even meditating on the  challenges which accompany “peeping”, therefore we continue having “peeping Toms”toms