This film was short in Vienna after the 2nd world war. The producer of the film brought out the theme of friendship and betrayal. It had the following people as the three main actors; Joseph Cotton as Holy Martins, Allida Valli as Anna Schmidt and Orson Wells as Harry Lime.Setup-

Post World War 2 Vienna

SHOT 1 Holy Martins arrives in Vienna after the Second World War to look for his long lost         childhood friend one Harry Lime. Martin does not find his friend and sets to ask about his where about. He finds out that he died in a car crash as he was crossing a street on his way home.

SHOT 2.  Martin stays in Vienna and attends his friend’s burial.  It is at the funeral that he meets two police officers from the British army who happen to be fans of his books. In the following days they request him to give a lecture to a books club which he obliges.

SHOT 3.     He meets Limes friend Baron Kurtz who inform him that they carried Lime together with another friend Popescu after he died. Before he died, Lime requested them to take care of martins an Anna who was her girlfriend.

SHOT 4.   Martins develop some suspiciousness about Limes death and goes to meet Anna. This is further complicated when a porter claims that lime was indeed killed.

SHOT 5     This is made worse when the two realize that police are searching Anna’s apartment. They take her passport and detain her.

SHOT 6.  Martins visit Lime’s doctor who claims that he arrived at the scene of incident after he had died. Little information was forthcoming.

SHOT 7.  The porter is willing to help Martins, but he is murdered before he discloses any information.

SHOT 8.  A police officer, sergeant Calloway advices Martins to leave Vienna. He refuses and claims that he wants the death of lime to be investigated.

SHOT 9   Shocking information is revealed to martins, that his friend was part of a group that stole penicillin from the military, diluted it and sold it killing many people. He despairs and agrees to go back.

SHOT 10 Martins discovers that Anna too has learnt about Limes crimes. Anna will be sent to the Russian sector.

SHOT 11     As Martins leave his apartment he notices something walk in the dark. A flash of light shows that it is lime. Before he calls Callaway, lime has escaped.

SHOT 12    Lime’s coffin is exhumed and police find the body of Joseph Harbin who was stealing penicillin for lime.

SHOT 13    Martins and lime meet. He threatens martins, explains his job and offers him a chance to work together.

SHOT 14   Martins agrees to cooperate with the police to eliminate Lime against the wish of Anna. He is the one who kills his childhood friend but only after he requested him to do so.

SHOTS 10 through to 13 together show how martins learnt of his friends crimes and agreed to help police eliminate him.


This is demonstrated when Martins demands to know what happened to lime. When asked to leave Vienna, he refuses and instead demands investigation into his friend’s death.


This is shown when the police inform Martins about his friend’s crimes and he agrees to help them eliminate him. Through this resolution, Martins is the one who ends up killing his childhood friend.