Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an organic work because the poem has an inscape development. The poem has been developed from its inner nature outwards to reveal the objects of the poetry work. This inscape art is efficient in that the subjects of the piece of literature are clearly described from their inner core. This brings out the themes in the poem and gives the reader a deeper understanding of the context.  For instance, part 1, lines 1 to 490 begins with a mythological narrative of King Arthur at Christmastime in Camelot court. Knight enters the court asking to see the one who was in charge. Knight then demands someone to strike him with an axe on his head, something that astonished everyone in the court. This part then leads to the development of the second part, and helps the reader grasp the flow of ideas. The first part is clearly understood and there is no confusion of ideas. Part 2, which begins from line 491 to 1125 connects with part one and begins with a brief narrative of part one about the New Year’s feast. Part 3 begins from line 1126 to 1997. It is built from part 2, and this is where the host’s wife enters into Gawain’s room slowly and kisses him. Part 4 begins from line 1998 to 2531, and is a continuation of part 3. Here, Gawain prepares to go and look for Knight in order to fulfill the term of the covenant they made with Knight. However, after they meet, he fails to fulfill the agreement, and Knight defeats him.

The nature of work that is the significance and worth of inclusion in the definitive English work is the use of the law of language. This is because the poem is representational of the Basic English language art works. It employs symbolism. The use of a green body and a head has been employed to symbolize some figures in the society. This is worth inclusion in the English work because this term evokes the factual kind of legal enforcement. It was used during the medieval Europeans, and it is linked with the Old Testament story of Moses. The use of artistic English devices like symbolism and personification is well employed. The use of a body with hooves and a horse is well brought out to represent personification in the poem. The poem has employed the theme of tyranny well. This shows that the piece of work should be work inclusion as depictive English work because it has clearly brought out the themes in the poem and managed to use the objects of the poem to display the themes effectively.

The poem has diverse themes and dominant imageries. The poem has clearly brought out the themes of the mankind society versus nature. He employs objects like the green knight to display the nature. He also uses the winter landscape and contrasts this with his sexual needs. These are the themes that he tries to exploit in bringing out the real meaning of his poem. The author has also brought out the theme of trust an believe in God. This is because; he constantly humbles himself before God for assistance and guidance. He acknowledges that God is powerful and provides guidance to human beings. This theme is clearly shown by the way the author has faith in God. He also employs the theme of Chivalry to show the morality of the society. This theme is clearly brought out in the manner he displays the morality that should be attached in Christianity. The author of the poem is concerned with the values of the behavior of the society. He has a strong attachment to the morality and the way the society should behave.  Imagery has been well employed through the use of the supernatural characters in the poem. This is the use of symbolism in the poem. Gawain has used the green knight in a supernatural way. All this symbols are used to represent some supernatural figures in the poem. The green night is used in a way that man cannot confront and be equal to. It has some powers that the humans cannot understand. There is also the use of color in the poem. Gawain has used the symbol of green knight to represent nature. It is understood that the colour of nature is green, and the author has used the green knight to depict this.

The characters in the poem are whole and round. This is because they are well used to depict the major themes in the poem. The characters are attached to their roles clearly and bring out the true meaning of the literary work. For example, the use of green knight is well used to represent nature in a supernatural way. This is clearly elaborated, the character can be said to be round and whole. By stating that the character is round and whole, it means that we can clearly understand them, and the roles that they play in the poem. This is efficiently brought out. The green body and the handsome head have been used to show the value that the humans has for nature. The green body is a character that is used to show the destruction of the human constructs. This shows that the characters are used to depict their roles perfectly. Some of the characters come at the middle of the poem, but they play their supporting roles well. The characters are well depicted to show the nature of the human beings. They support the main character to portray his role in a perfect manner. Faye is portrayed as a powerful sorcerer, and she is a sister to Arthur. She has been used to show the character of the powerful individuals in the society. This also shows how the characters from a human point of view use the law and their power in the society. Therefore, it is clear that the characters in the poem are round and whole, because they have brought out their roles in a way that can be understood.

The poem has a number of lessons. One of the lessons is the self belief and confidence. Gawain was an insignificant character in King Arthur’s court. He had to believe that he was the weakest individual and work towards that so that to achieve what he wanted. He struggles to proof his worth in the court. Another lesson is that of reverence and accomplishment in the poem. After Gawain learned that he was the weakest, he acknowledged that fact and humbled himself. He respected the king and had to follow all his rules and his regulations. He learned that humility leads to him gaining knowledge and wisdom. He has a belief in his armor and accepts the challenge that he is weak. He decides to live the society and he is acknowledged by the entire community for that. He did a very honorable act on leaving. He also has respect for the mortal beings. For example, on the way to the chapel, he consults God and constantly has faith in his journey.

The action in the poem develops a story. It is directed towards the main character’s acceptance of being weak and the how he chooses to handle that. The action in the poem is that of the author’s departure from the king’s court in search of another land where his strength may manifest itself. He takes a journey to the chapel, and that is how the story is developed. The action has a great plot and defines the direction of the poem. The poem is not just about the poetic devises, it has a story in it. It defines the author’s role in the court and his journey.

The weak points of the poem are that the author uses a lot of symbolism in the poem and diverts the attention to the symbolism rather than the characters. For instance, there is too much use of the green knight and the green body. The attention is diverted to the supernatural character. It loses the human touch that was intended in it. Though this might be good symbolism, the poem may not depict the human society.

The work is a reflection of the social and environmental milieus of the time. The poem is made in an ancient setting. The use of swords and dictotatorship in law courts is a good example. The kings are ones who passed judgment in the courts. There is also the use of horses in the setting of the poem. The poem addresses some various ancient settings to show how the society lives. The use of such characters like the green knight to represent nature depicts the setting and the environment in a clear way. The green knight was popular in the ancient society.

This piece of work is a good representation of the human society. It shows how the society relates to one another. It also shows the way the society values their morals and way of life. This makes the poem a good target for my critique. It employs direct symbolism in the use of the characters and their roles. The poem addresses the contemporary issues of the human society and helps us understand the way we can resolve them.