In this paper, I will analyze what Obama victory means as well as the history of America from 1920 up today as well as the people and events which has assisted in promoting liberty, democracy and opportunity.

A presidency of Obama meant history in the United States. Gibbs states that  “parents told their children as they took them out of school to go see an African-American candidate make history” (Gibbs). Furthermore, they wanted their children to see history being made. Hundreds of thousands of citizens came out to listen to Obama. The author states that the voting lines in Atlanta were ten hours long, and the citizens still waited as though their votes were their most precious possession at the moment. The author also states that Obama won more votes than anyone else in the history of the United States. This is one meaning of the presidency of Obama.

The presidency of Obama according to Gibbs also meant starting afresh. Gibbs contends that the culture wars that took the citizens as prisoners and cut them off from what they have in common. These include the tribal warfare amid the rich and poor, black and white, North and South. It is the time to start over with the country at the hands of a man who grew up without money, used his personally traits to get into good schools. The author notes that the presidency of Obama “represents such a radical departure from the norm that it finally brings meaning to the promise taught from kindergarten: Anyone can grow up to be President.”(Gibbs).

Gibbs also contends that the presidency of Obama indicates change and a brighter future. Various Americans are currently living on the worst decades in their live. America is trying to recover from a war that was mismanaged, and an economy which is held with thumbtacks and foreign loans. Various Americans were looking for a president who could bring true change.  Obama himself notes that the only chance that the American can bring change to the country is through his presidency. Gibbs notes that Obama’s presidency shall take the people of American to greater things through saying “historic his mandate or piercing his sense of what needs to be done, can take us where we refuse to go” (Gibbs).

The Harlem Renaissance refers to the neighborhood of Harlem in New York during 1920s and 1930s, when literary art and music flourished in the black community. It was a time of creativity, when black had something to say, and others were willing to listen. Gibbs further analyses the1931 Scottsboro Boys: 9 black youths in Alaska are indicted on charges of raping 2 white women.  The southern jury sends them to death, although the evidence was slim. The Supreme Court in two instances overturns the ruling and when they are tried for the third time the five are sentenced to long time imprisonment while the other four are freed.

1948 World war one soldiers: Even though the African Americans had taken place in the U.S war, it was until WW1 that Harry Truman the president of the U.S issued an executive order that integrated black soldiers into the armed forces.

In 1952, Malcolm X was appointed minister of Islam. His influence saw him become among the influential member of the black Muslims. The movement’s contended that only blacks can sole the black’s problems. It was in 1954 when the declaration of racial segregation is school is declared unconstitutional. Nevertheless, in 1955, Emmett till a young black boy is murdered for allegedly whistling at a white woman in Mississippi. Two white men are acquitted by an al-white jury. They boost about committing the murder and lead to a public outrage spurring the civil right movement.


Rosa Parks refuse to give her seat up at the front of the “colored section” in a white passenger’s bus. Responding to her arrest Montgomery’s black community start a one year bus boycott that leads to the desegregation of the buses.  In 1957, nine black students were restricted from entering school on governors Orval Faubus order. National Guard and federal troops intervene and despite a year of violent threats the students mange to graduate (Robert).

It was in 1963 when Martin Luther King, Jr. is arrested and jailed at a protest in Birmingham. He writes the Birmingham letter that advocated for nonviolent civil disobedience (Robert). Moreover in 1964:  the civil rights act is signed by President Johnson. This act restricted all forms of discrimination. As a show of democracy in 1965, there was a passage of the voting right act that made black southern register as voters.

Democracy further showed its course in 1967:  in Loving v. Virginia case The Supreme Court rules that it is unconstitutional to prohibit interracial marriage. Later in 1978:  in Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, The Supreme Court case upheld the constitutionality affirmative action, but imposed limits to guarantee that availing greater chances for the minorities does not come at the outlay of the majority. In Grutter v. Bollinger in 2003, the most significant affirmative action resolution upholds the University of Michigan Law School’s policy, that rules that race can be one of numerous factors well thought-out by colleges whilst selecting the student since it widens up “a compelling interest in obtaining the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body ” (Robert).

Victory of Barrack Obama showed its course in 2006, a Democrat from Chicago, is the first African American to receive the nomination as a main party nominee for the post of president in the history of the U.S. However the real victory was in 2009 when Obama became the first black American to be elected as the president of the U.S

In the U.S only two major parties of the bourgeoisie interchange in power for many years in that compromise, deceive and cheat the majority when defending and representing the interests of the capital and the social players which holds the powers. The systems through which United States is governed is oneself centered, extreme imperial and arrogant, which to judge the champion of democracy, for instance, is nothing but dictatorship of monopoly and bourgeoisie capital   orders. In that the American political, power organization, is that all powers are united in the hands of the ruling class that does not permit any threat to its rule.

The Republican and  Democratic parties are occasionally  colluding, each party is supported by limited faction of monopoly and bourgeoisie capital   that seeks only in enriching themselves and serving to fulfill their own interests. America is such a large country that it only holds to have two political parties exchanging powers year in and year out.

In conclusion, I think that the vote of the Americans should go to the candidate who has the best policy for the country and not for the political party that they stand with, in these, this shall help to fulfill the American values of democracy, liberty and opportunity.