Societies are formed in a manner that people’s relationships follow consistent patterns. According to (Fiona Williams) She argues that social objectives and policy are basically in line and dominated in due respect to the virtues upheld by the society and by what society regards as being right or wrong. These basically comprise the general issues and trends that revolve around the Family house and the trends of the family settings. By the mention of the word Family that always rings an outstanding bell on our minds, these represents a range of policies that are devolved and emanate around the ideology of the “family” These basically comprise the general combination of Men, getting married to women and conceiving God’s blessings of Children who they rear until they hit adulthood and are in a position to stand on there own two feet. The family in this case constitutes s of a man, his wife and siblings where the man and wife, provide for the children’s basics including healthcare and schooling. In most places around the globe, policies regarding marriage are founded on the idea of the man as a breadwinner while the wife plays a supportive role. This essentially means that , globally, policies base on the idea that, it is ok for women not to work, mainly due to the expected permanent nature of the institution of marriage. This means that, families that lack this expected formation are likely to be exclude form government policy benefits. For example, single parent families from whatever reasons; are likely to experience a high level of marginalization as opposed to normal families.

Scientifically, work is the ability to move objects form one point to the other by use of a specified means that relate directly to that object. Societies entirely depend on the fruits of work. Products of work and labor entirely are classified under the ability of them to provide for necessary needs and also fend for our luxurious necessities. Work is a broad category and the results are fruitful as they enable one secure a constant form of earnings to be in a position to fend for his or her needs. Misconduct at the workplace, results in punishment mainly in the form of dismissal, suspension or deductions from the expected salary. By the mention of a word Nation the basic idea that culminates in our minds that the nation basically represents the wide people of a jurisdiction; it represents a group of people that are bound by racism color, creed and nationality.

It represents a group of people that have strong tribal values and links to the ancestral origin, a nation represents a patriotic lot of individuals who stand up true to what they believe and stand out for. Current prevailing systems Are based on a discriminative basis, the systems discriminate individuals and these discrimination is given the background of racism, tribe and nationality. Current form s of racism have seen individuals even changing the manner in which they view racism by even going to the extent of judging people basing on the knowledge basis. With this current knowledge based industry, it is evident beyond doubt that the society is entirely looking for the most deserving and the best in the market. The issue of discrimination has greatly affected immigrants as they face poor services and receive the after thought treatment.

Issues related to discrimination are further discussed as follows.

 Family guiding principles view of a normal family   with emphasize on the word “Normal” does not mean in between. It means conforming to set societal standards as to what constitutes a family.  To most people and policy makers, normal family is made up of two parents with one or more children. This type of family is however, increasingly loosing its meaning especially in the developed world.  A couple of factors have been attributed to this trend:

To start with, is the increasingly elderly society in the west. This essentially means that, rising number of families are made up of elderly people without children, elongated time before people embark on childbearing. This essentially means that, more and more families now are single women or childless couples; the rise of  merging single parent. Fission stands for the tendency of families to split, because of separation and early freedom for children.

The current preexisting social policies are strict enough as they punish the particulars that do not conform to what the society generally expects of them, apart from punishment the society regards those who don’t conform to their practices as deviant. But generally fruitful person is able to receive rewards and these come in the form of subsidies for married couples who have dependants. For those with families that deviate from the norm, penalties include the legal requirement to support one’s family, and legal and monetary requirements that make divorce expensive. In addition to that, the supposition that married people live more inexpensively as compared to singles may act as a guide to two single people getting bigger support: cohabitation principles, giving people who live together preferential treatment, making them feel married is a technique used to ensure fair play with married people.

Single families

This setup is on the rise as years go by. The main reasons are as below:

  • Separation: This has seen a spike as women increasingly gain financial freedom, in the process reducing their dependence on men.
  • Joblessness. There is a positive correlation between joblessness and separation in many family units. This is because a state of unemployment hits the male ego as a provider and in the process tensions start to build up.
  •  Cohabitation. This is where people live together but avoids the legal implications that come with marriage.

However, there is no correlation between increased prevalence of single families and teenage pregnancies given that, this phenomenon has taken a hit in recent years.

Policies geared towards availing single parents some rights and privileges has in most cases received negative feedback from society.

The liberalists have a take on this and have a strong say on this issue that is the bond of contention. Their perspective is that, if people choose to have child, they should be obligated to take care of them, since it’s a willful decision. On the other hand, collectivists argue that, children are everybody’s responsibility. The idea is that, the rights of a child transcend the nature of parenthood.

Adolescent pregnancies

This was the norm in past generations, but has seen a decline as women increasingly delay the age into which they enter childbearing. The main motivators for this include:

  • The consequence of urban living on the cost of child rearing.
  • The shifting role of women in society.
  • The monetary outcome of female employment. A woman who leaves work to have children reduces her income.
  • Growing edification and anon marriage.
  • The ease of use of and accessibility of contraceptives.

Adolescent pregnancy peaks when these factors are not in consistent application. This correlates with the association of some social tribulations with teenage pregnancy.

Employment can also be viewed by looking at the different patterns of work with the recent upsurge and rise in the perception of how people view work has given emergence to the aspect of critical thinking by basing on the current prevailing premises given to the agreements of supporting the issue of work and the prevailing true existing conditions existing around the theme of work. The job market has been fundamental both to policies dealing with paucity and segregation, and to the expansion of social rights. However, in many situations people are only slightly incorporated in the job market. Their situation is characterized as

  • A “dual job market”, disintegrating  the social position of secure workers on standard pay from others;
  • “Tangential” workers, whose role in the financial system is more trivial, and who are legally responsible to disarticulation during financial cycles.
  • “Shakiness”, the role of insignificant personnel who move among informal and part-time work and unemployment.

The general economical; trends and levels also have their take on this general issue of societal problems. This can be broadly viewed by looking at an unstable economic conditions lead to social instability and social vices, Children enter into early marriages, prostitution is the order of the day without disregarding the fact that teenage violence is a culmination of a general poor people. – Secondary employment is linked to family collapse – while also sinking the level of social fortification available.