I recently visited the Golden Funeral home when my aunt died. I must admit it was a very beautiful place, however very expensive. Judging from the people around and how good their services were, I commend them on their job. I however noticed a number of people bringing up the issue on the cost. I decided to go find out their price ranges and I was shocked to see how exorbitant they were. For instance their cheapest funeral package was $ 80,000 dollars. This was a very high price while their most expensive, the golden send off, was an alarming $600,000. This was quit shocking. I was however informed later on that this amount does not have to be paid instantly; it’s spread over a period of a year after the burial.

Nevertheless, I found these prices very high and somewhat unnecessary. The dead don’t feel all the luxury and comfort they sell the families. I feel that funeral homes use remorse to make families use a lot of money in the name of last respects (Johnson, 1998). For instance my aunt had no need for such an elaborate funeral. She actually spoke of cremation being her option. She didn’t want our family to suffer by going through all this and she had made it clear. Nevertheless, despite her vision, the funeral home took advantage of our family’s grief and made us give her an expensive elaborate funeral. However, I must admit that her not having a living will or a power of attorney sealed the deal.

This got me thinking and I asked my parents if they had any of them and they both objected. My father said that he wanted his death to be a surprise, while my mother retorted that she just dint care. After all she’d be dead and won’t fill a thing. I found it necessary to have a living will at least (Sublette, 1992). I want for instance want to be cremated for my own personal reasons. I raised this with my mother the other day and she didn’t like it one bit. However, I am adamant to have my will be done when the time comes. I then came to dilemma of what if one of my parents was to pass on. After my experience at the funeral home, I don’t think we can afford a decent burial for them at this point. There are just too many expenses involved and we are not prepared and to add to this, who will take over the family business.

To add to this my parents don’t have a set a next of kin chart to help us know how duties are going to be distributed. This brings up the need for a power of attorney. It might be evident at this point that it’s my mother but what if she befalls same fate or worse, what if she is rendered incapable. I have no objections to my parents’ way of doing things but my aunt’s death opened my eyes to list of new possibilities that I don’t want to happen but if they should come I believe we should be prepared for them. This will not only make things simple for them as they will not have to worry about what will happen when they leave but also for the people left to prepare for the funeral as they are bound to the contract (Sublette, 1992).