Each and every country has a great deal of Potential that emanates from its well versed and potential Children. Children play an important role in each and every part of the country. They represent a potential basis for viewing a growing nation and are a significant basis for valid comparisons in order to efficiently categorize and rank a nation as either being productive or unproductive.( Slee, P. T. (1987). Child observation skills)

A countries growth potential and its ability to generate future revenues are looked at from the point of view of its relevant and currently existing potential young generation. The children represent the young generation and are a significant basis for comparing of actual production levels in a country and the forecasted production levels. Any deviations are as indicated so far set on the basis of evaluation as to what might be the necessary causes that might have contributed to the difference.

Initially by comparing performance of young individuals and mature adults it is obvious beyond doubt that young individuals deserve more attention as the innovative, and the most brilliant ideas for economical development lies in them the crème of the Society. The fresh innovative ideas on how to efficiently develop and improve on the productivity of a nation are as a result of their efforts, the most creative ideas on how to change the world and magnificent inventions that are automatically set at changing the way life issues are viewed at emanates from these most outstanding species of the aggregate population.( Slee, P. T. (1987). Child observation skills)


It is more evident than not that the society, in general is a big playing ground where only the Fit get to survive and emerge as Victors and winners in the big race to success. The recent years has seen the most brilliant and an emergence of a people in these very existing Generation that comprise of young Intellectual and Brilliant Minds that are transforming the whole globe not forgetting touching very many lives. A case in mind is the emergence of young Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg having a brief analysis of his past History was a young Brilliant guy who studied at Harvard. Initially in his Childhood days Mark was a geek and innovative ideas inform of Programme and software development emanated from his ingenious Mind. While in Harvard greater Ideas emanated and with the realization of the most Brilliant Idea of these very twenty first Century He invented a social Networking site known as Face book.( Medinnus, G. R. (1976).

Face book is a social Networking site that indeed owes its great achievement and accomplishment to the ever growing trend of Business. It is currently a global company and with Mark as the youngest C.E.O With an honor of already being a Billionaire is outstandingly recognized and noticed over the whole world.

Word cannot go used that indeed children are the crème De La Crème of the Society, and their importance has to be noticed and appreciated. The Question being raised on children Behavior and Observation is a very important issue that really needs to be critically analyzed in these ever changing periods of times that we call knows. Children behavior generally implies the actions and culture of the children in one particular region of focus. Their aggregate behavior culminates from the societal views and upbringing of the very initial children themselves. (Slee, P. T. (1987). Child observation skills)


As initially indicated children play a very important role in the society and as well as their initial upbringing and the society in which they emanate from has an equally stronger aspect on their individual lives. Society plays a very big role in the lives of the children and as indicated it is the root causes as to their initial behavior. Critical study on Critical; and innovative thinking reveals that the society generally is composed of very many critical thinkers. Critical thinkers generally are individuals who think apart from the society, these are individuals who their scope and thinking capacity basically surpasses the thinking levels of the general society levels they are able to correct society and are able to efficiently produce innovative products that are necessary for the changing of the whole societal perspective with a very big margin.( Medinnus, G. R. (1976).

Every body in the society is always advice to be a post conventional thinker, as these are people who apart from their initial thinking were and ways of viewing things Post conventional thinkers are the people required in the society to be able to generally change the whole society at large.( Medinnus, G. R. (1976).


Practices have indeed shown that children cannot be categorized as critical thinkers. These are people who generally rely on others to make concrete decisions for them. They require others to make tangible decisions for them as they cannot be in a competent position to be able to do so for themselves.( Slee, P. T. (1987). Child observation skills)

Reasons proposed to be able to justify this is their dependency rate, as when considerd as still dependants they are put in positions as to be in always consultative and they post pone decision making. Concrete decisions that will automatically change their entire life. They postpone them for the future and all this is aimed at seeking consultations from individuals who are considered to be of high mental ability than them. They consider their parents as being the best options in making decisions for trhgem. This is critical and has contributed to the submissive behavior of the children.( Slee, P. T. (1987). Child observation skills)

Children’s Behavior as indicated is an aggregate composition as to how the society generally perceives things. Children are categorized as highly intellectuals, well mannered, disciplined, Bright, respectable and the comparison basis basically emanates from the ability of the children to be in a position to efficiently perform as to the said rules and instructions given by their immediate predecessors who represent the parents.

Societies generally are categorized as either being Uptowns and Apart from that they are viewed as also being the poor and the general Middleclass in the society. Uptown regions are considered to categorized the riches of the whole society in large and children who are born in such areas will portray the very same characters and behaviors as they source and get them from the society in which they owe their existence . Children are able to efficiently drive manage cash and involve themselves in the existing Family Businesses. These children on a wider view as indicated grow in and according to their family status.( Slee, P. T. (1987). Child observation skills)

Children Born of Societies that are generally ranked as poor are widely affected by the surrounding, they get to view the bad parts of life and have access to the blind reality of life. As seen prostitution, Drug abuse, Theft are the order of the day in such Vicinities and therefore they are not able to efficiently be in a position to live better than what the society provides them. Due to the high costs of living and the general levels of the society, force the children into prostitution to be able to efficiently fend for their immediate families, They are forced to be able to get into early marriages and this affect them and predisposes them to the harsh challenges of the realities of the world.( Medinnus, G. R. (1976).

Society as indicated affects them as they are able to indeed access the harsh literature that the world portrays to them. They are put in position where they are forced to conform to the societal perceptions and behave in mannerisms that initially indicate the way the society behaves. A similar case scenario is that case of a young boy being born in the poor suburbs of an estate. This young boy is considered a child and there fore has o basis for efficient decision making. The friends are drug addicts and considering that a great percentage of his time is spent with them, over time the young lad will be slowly inducted to drug abuse and as a result will change his behavior.( Slee, P. T. (1987). Child observation skills)


Finally as indicated from the study Society has a strong impact on the behavior of our children. It is mostly advised that parents try very much to be in a position to indeed develop a conducive surroundings in which their kids could grow up from. These will sure be useful in translating all the important virtues of the world. These will also discourage the bad behaviors of the children.