The Roles plaid in colonial Virginia clearly depict a brief history of the colonial period in Virginia in the English Kingdom . In 1607 two political cultures were already formed and actively in existence. These two cultures terribly much included the English Colony and the Powhatan chiefdom. The paramount and most outstanding chief for the Native Americans was very much referred to as the Powhatan and he ruled over a specific jurisdictional boundary that consisted of the allied tribes that had each one and every local ruler and their specific towns.
The Very himself King of England gave authority and instructed his various Agents to govern the various political parties with the initiated statutes under Law of the English Kingdom, and the charter of Coorporation. In the Lngrun the English statutes and Laws inclusive of the By Laws which governed the English people evolved over time and developed into distinctive Political Culture of Colonial Virginia. The due ultimate and supreme Authority Lay with the King of England as all matters of concern were reported to him.
Voting rights during this period of times were restricted as indeed it was only the individuals of legal age then considered as adults and a few individuals who owned properties and not forgetting those who rented farms that were subtsnatial in size were permitted to Vote inorder to elect the particular members of the public who will represent them in the General Assembly.
In such a situation where the voting rights were restricted to the members of status in the community who were the minority of the population, the very most intellectual brains and the most educated members of the society in focus were represented in the General Assembly.
During the colonial period of Virginia political rights were limited to the people of a certain social class. As seen social class was ranked on the basis of wealth and people considered being rich were accorded Voting rights and had the chance to elect member who represented them in the General Assembly.
Authority can be looked at as the inner capability of an individual that comes with him holding a superior or a senior position. Authority as depicted is the ability that enables one to be in a position that is initially above others. Authority gives one the ability to lead and enables one to be a forerunner and a mentor to different individuals.
It is very clear that Authority in Colonial Virginia was accorded to individual of a higher Social class. This Authority enabled the various elected members to hold prestigious positions in the General Assembly and they represented the overall individuals of the society.

The life of william Byrd and Lucy Byrd clearly depicts the themes of Social class, Authority, individualism and Marriage in general. William Byrd was a British composer who studied at Thomas Tallies . William Byrd is over the history commemorated as the very finest of the British composers. He composed songs for the sacred choral works. (Another version, The Secret History of the Line, is inferior.)
Lucy Byrd on the other hand was initially known as Lucy Parkle, she came from a very wealthy Family of the yet present governor Sir Leeward Islands. The Father’s stinginess and past shameful life discredited Lucy from any of the possible suitors from her social class this was whoring enough for her Mother who was very worried that she would not find a possible suitor who will be able to marry her.

The life of Sir William Byrd on coming to England was not just to find companionship but also to amerce a wide source of wealth. The daughter of the Stingy Governer was definitely the right target as her beauty was an understatement but to compliment it all she was yet so far rich and from a wealthy Family. With her father as the Colonel Daniel Parkle II, who was the existing and prevailing Governor of Leeward Islands.
The Governor and Father to Lucy encountered various situations that were humiliating and not to describe embarassing romantic affairs coupled up with his stinginess, atrnished the whole of the family name. This was disastrous to the marriage life of their beloved daughter Lucy Parkle as it scared the Possible suitors away. Her Beloved Mother was worried that their daughter even after attaining the age of 18 would not find a suitor.
Byrd’s first coting move was to write a letter directly to Lucy’s parents asking them for a chance to court their daughter. This of which their parents quickly accepted. Byrd wrote passionate letters to Lucy, poetically describing her feelings to her and how she felt about her Love for her and soon often than not they Wedded.
This clearly describes the concept of marriage. That initially it arises from the intrest and through courting partners intimacy manage to bond. Also the Question of Social Class has been brought to book and as seen the only reason the parents accepted Byrds proposal was out of fear that non of the Young guys from the same Social status would Court their daughter indicating a sense of social judgement basing on the criteria of wealth.

Along their individual marriage life it was faced with ups and downs as William could not provide the emotional and intellectual intimacy which Lucy really seeked for. They always fought over issues of management of the household and other matters.
Lucy could not bend down to be the submissive mother like all the other married ladies. This clearly dictates a high sence of Individualism on Lucy’s side. She was not submissive enough and she fought for what she stood for. Individualism is an open state of mind and this is a state that does not allow for one to follow the masses and be swayed by the societal perspectives of viewing things. Individualism was clearly depicted as Lucy Parkle failed to conform to what William Byrd wanted.
The marriage life of Lucy Byrd and William Byrd as we say was not a walk in the park as it was copuled up with manu Ups and Down initially and this as clearly indicated described the whole marriage life of William Byrd and Lucy Parkle Byrd. Themes of Authority, Individualism, Socila status and the whole concept of Mariage have been proved beyond doubt. The aspect of Colonial Virginia and the political conditions yet have been analysed in the paper.
A further analysis of the essay proves that Authority is also depicted hear. As seen that the father to Lucy Parkle the governor then was very powerful, emphasize is given to powerful individuals and a lot of great advantages that come with holding superior positions. The governor though used the various positions he held wrongly to his advantage by tarnishing his beloved name due to aspects of Stinginess and the great vice related to his sexuality. As indicated this was disastrous to the image of Lucy Parkle as it hampered on his relationship life.

It is more evident than not that the personal life of Lucy Byrd and William Byrd clearly depicts the mentioned aspects of Marriage, Authority, Individualism and finally Social Class. It is more evident than not that their life clearly did carry with it some aspects that could be of good lessons to others.( Sennett, Richard. Authority. New York: Knopf :, 1980. Print.)