Reiki healing therapy is a type of complementary medicine which has its origins in Japanese traditional medicine. Reiki is derived from the two Japanese words Rei means God and Ki means force energy in life (InternationalCenterfor Reiki Training).

Traditional healers who practice Reiki healing therapy believe that they are moving energy from their hands to the parts of the body of the patient that needs healing. The practitioners believe that every now and then, the universe is in a state of imbalance and it can be brought back to a state of equilibrium through energy. Reiki healing therapy is used to treat the body through triggering the immune system to fight of any disease causing micro-organisms. Personally, I believe that Reiki healing therapy can be a useful non-evasive from of boosting an individual’s immune system and activating it to naturally conquer any pathogens. Reiki healing therapy is a revolutionary form of healing.

Reiki healing therapy is used together with meridian energy lines by using hands and applying pressure to these areas. It is said that secret symbols are also used during the healing process to help heal the individual of their ailments. The degree of pressure applied is appropriate for the specific area and most practitioners who have been trained in Reiki healing therapy are usually aware of the degree of pressure that should be applied (Barnnet, Chambers & Davidson 87).

The hand positions are usually used on positions of the body that have great energy known as chakras. Human beings have seven distinct chakras. Reiki healing can concentrate on one specific area or it can be holistic. Traditional Reiki healing practitioners believe that Reiki healing should be holistic. Traditional Reiki practitioners stroke, massage, or lightly tap the parts of an individual’s body that are diseased, and transfer energy to them. Reiki provides am means for the body to balance its energy forces to be in line with those of the universe.

There has been controversy about the effectiveness of Reiki healing therapy and some institutions like the Catholic Church has at one time forbidden the practice from being used in its retreat centers citing that the practice has no religious or scientific basis. Critics of such views have cited that the practice has a Japanese origin and should be used to help people improve their health and reduce their suffering from ailments (Rand94).

Organizations like American Cancer Society,NationalCenterfor Complementary and Alternative Medicine have not yet approved the Reiki healing therapy, but they have not disapproved it either.

Reiki practitioners only give the body a means to heal itself. Most individuals’ health systems become imbalanced when their life force becomes low or is blocked. Reiki changes the energy to high and free flowing.

Reiki is a great form of healing and creates deep relaxation for the body. This assists an individual to let out any form of stress or pressure in their body. This improves all systems of the body. Reiki healing therapy has no side effects. Reiki’s way of healing stress is advantageous compared to western forms of treatment whereby individuals are required to take medication which might have side effects (Barnnet, Chambers & Davidson 84).

Reiki healing therapy has been used to treat chronic problems and acute injuries without using any form of medication. Reiki would boost the immune system and activate the body to get rid off the pain on its own. Taking medication for chronic pain or acute injuries can lead to increase of toxins in the body which might be difficult to get rid off, or taxing to the immune system (Rand 92).

Some forms of cancer are brought about by hormonal imbalance of the endocrine system. Reiki healing therapy assists the body’s hormones to be balanced as they should hence providing the body with a means to be in harmony.

Reiki healing therapy also assists the body to naturally get rid of toxins that might have been brought in to the system by drugs. Toxicity in the body can lead to a myriad of problems in an individual’s body. Chronic headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure and liver failure are some of the problems that can be caused by increased toxicity in the body. Western methods of reducing toxicity in the body are usually evasive and time consuming. Reiki healing therapy is simple and non evasive, bringing holistic healing to tan individual’s body.

Due to the non-chemical nature of Reiki healing therapy, the type of alternative healing leads to slowing down of the aging process. Chemicals introduced into the body work up and tire the excretory system which has the direct result of speeding up the aging process. Reiki healing therapy is like feeding the body on organic foods which do not contain chemicals. The body is able to easily process such foods and assimilate the nutrients into the body (Barnnet, Chambers & Davidson 92).

In the same way, Reiki healing therapy is able to activate the energy sites of the body that boost the body’s immune system so that it can be able to keep the body strong and fight off any disease causing micro-organisms (InternationalCenterfor Reiki Training).

Since Reiki healing therapy is holistic, it also assists individuals to better cope with stress or any emotional distress. This is because their life energies have been given a boost. The body is therefore equipped to channel any negative energy and get rid of it incase it is harmful to the body. Reiki healing therapy can also be used with some forms of western healing therapies. Some forms of Western forms of improving individuals’ health are unavoidable like chemotherapy. Chemotherapy involves use of large doses of chemicals to kill the cancer cells (Barnnet, Chambers & Davidson 78).

Reiki healing therapy can be used together with chemotherapy to help the body to successfully and easily get rid of the toxins that are in the chemotherapy drugs. When used with other forms of complementary healing methods like meditation, homeopathy and aroma therapy, Reiki can have great health benefits. Reiki can also be used on children, the elderly, pregnant women and any other vulnerable groups that might require holistic healing.  Reiki has also been used on animals like horses, cats and dogs and sent o promote healing of these creatures when they had poor health (American Medical Association 867).

Patients are encouraged to consult with their qualified medical practitioners before they can seek alternative forms of medicine.

In conclusion, i think that Reiki healing therapy offers a promising from of alterative therapy for holistic healing. The form of healing is non evasive and works naturally by activating the immune system to fight off any disease causing pathogens.


















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