Executive Summary Sea Food Restaurant

Sea Food Restaurant is the newest restaurant that is geared towards providing tasty, finger licking delicacies that have been made using the finest ingredients under the keen supervision of the City’s top chefs. Sea Food restaurant is set to open it’s doors to the public on the first of January two thousand and twelve to help the locals usher the new year in style, vigor and tasty dishes. The restaurant is purely on partnership basis between some of the most well experienced and respected chefs in the country giving the customer a sense of first class tasty meals and assurance. The restaurant is expected to provide a number of services to the general public which will include but not limited to; smoking zone, bar and grill zone, family dining area, unlimited assorted buffet, dozens of foods stuff, ample car parking and security, entertainment area meant for game watching and unwinding and kids play area (Ford, et al 2007).

Sea Food Restaurant will target both high end and middle class clients and provide a common class yet make the high clientele feel the real worth of their money. We will also look into being the ultimate destination for end of year corporate parties and we plan on being mobile too in a bid to reach those corporate clients who might not make it to come to us. We intend to take full advantage of our strategic location and maximize on it in a bid to create a conducive environment that will be acceptable by our clients and the employees as well. The restaurant industry is represented by a large percentage and this has created a comfortable base for employment which has in turn kept the economy on a stimulus projection.

The current estimates show that there are over three hundred thousand employees who have been employed in this industry on a full time basis and it has contributed twelve percent of the countries employment. If the entire restaurant business was to be evaluated and valued, it would be valued to be slightly over thirty billion dollars which is a very lucrative figure. Some of the leading industries in this restaurant industry include, tourism, bed and breakfast, outdoor activities among others.

Having conducted a feasibility study, it is evident that there still is room for growth in this industry and venturing in it is in itself a noble course. The study has also shown that some factors are key if one is to venture in this industry. These are;

  • Increase in the number on restaurants in a given area so as to avoid flooding of the same business.
  • County authorities have now tighter health regulations and they demand strict adherence to the environmental safe policies.

The restaurant managers are fully aware of the competition and have devised ways in beating them and creating a unique house hold name for the restaurant. They intend to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack through; Ownership, skills acquired while in the industry, location of the franchise restaurants that they intend to open up in future, and also the studies that will always be conducted and suggestions brought about. The restaurant’s organizational chart is professionally simple, there will be the head chef and other chefs, the floor manager and also a bar manager. Supervisors for other units will be picked based on the employees work and commitment to help the establishment grow. The restaurant is looking in to making minimal profit on the lower side while providing quality food at an affordable rate thus making it customer friendly. With time, the restaurant will focus on maximizing the profits while maintaining the clientele base and also the restaurant will look into creating a new division that will solely focus on creating new recipes.

The initial start up capital for the restaurant is inclusive of; capital $45,000, marketing $8,000, and business support $5,000. Most of the funds will be set aside to help in the restaurant’s make over, and also buying of a new state-of-the-art cashier’s register which will also be used to place new meal orders. Advertising will be done in an aggressive way and also make sure that not much is spent on it in a bid to reserve the funds and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

In a bid to make this restaurant a success, the owners have pooled together the funds that they have been saving, private equity, assistance from the state and federal governments and the reminder will be financed by a leading local bank which will finance over a three year term.

Establishment description

Sea Food Restaurant is a fairly new establishment that is geared towards being the best restaurant that it can be through customer satisfaction and employee enhancement. The restaurant will be on a partnership basis through the top chefs who are bringing in a wealth of experience that collectively adds up to seventy years. The chefs have left their jobs in a bid to start up this restaurant and take it to the next level.

The restaurant is looking into having flexible menus in a bid to accommodate everyone regardless of creed, race and religious beliefs. Through hiring of well experienced pastry chefs, the restaurant is well on it’s way to becoming a house h old name in the region. One of the key elements that the restaurant is looking into is coming up with ways to ensure customer satisfaction and retain the old customers while attracting new ones. The owners have formed a list of objectives they hope to accomplish within the next financial year. These are; obtaining new clients totaling to one hundred every week, generate a net profit of over fifty thousand dollars, scouting for new restaurant locations which will be instrumental should hey decide to venture and the setting up of a fine foods division.

Sea Food Restaurant will be located in the heart of Canada’s Baltimore City at 6311 Monika Pl Lot 1309 21207. The whole area is chattered and will be enough to house the new state-of-the-art kitchen, bar and grill, assorted dining area, entertainment are and also a smoking zone.

Product and Services

Sea Food Restaurant will offer a wide range of assorted foods and beverages that will coupled up with idiosyncratic images. The restaurant will present the products in three ways; there will be take out, eat in and home or destination deliveries. Most of the food will be prepared in the restaurant to avoid contamination and using of unauthorized ingredients which can compromise the food quality. The ingredients used will be one of a kind and also the portions and quantities used will be different from others in a bid to create a unique distinctive taste.


This will comprise of reasonable size and temperate low price which will have authentic American, Mexican, African, Chinese foods among others. This will however not negate the fact that the restaurant will be known for its sea food trade mark and prowess. The main aim is to give the customer a satisfying nutritious healthy meal.


This will always be done in the restaurant’s kitchen where the fresh produce will be used in the creation of the meals from scratch upon order. The head chef will be in charge and will also make sure that cleanliness in enforced to the latter strictly and product quality will not be compromised.


The customer will have the luxury of choosing how they want their food. The will either eat in, take out or have it delivered to them by one of the delivery employees. This will be coordinated in a careful manner so as to avoid delays in deliveries. There will also be a set radius of how far the deliveries will be made for convenience purposes both for the client and the restaurant.

Potential Prospects

Some customers would like to have this kind of meals done in their homes and the thing is that they may not have the time or the technical know-how to do that. Sea Food Restaurants is looking into providing these kinds of families a customized supply that will last to over a month of readily available prepared meals. Though this is not something definite, the owners will have a pilot project for it to see how it goes before putting it on the menu. Should it be a successful project, it will help increase the restaurants revenues without necessarily having to add staff or even any working area.

Market Analysis

When doing the research about the restaurant business, the owners of Sea Food Restaurant found it necessary to build a positive hypothesis around the new to-be clientele. This was one of the ways that they had decided was best fitting to identify key forces as the region of prospecting.

Fraction Assortment: The study conducted showed that over eighty percent of the people were quite comfortable with different sizes of food portions. This marker was in line with the survey conducted when the owners were thinking of introducing a buffet section in the restaurant.

Menu Variety: Cultural restaurants have been on the rise in America due to its vast cultural background thus creating a need to accommodate and preserve these cultures in food ethics. The creation of international cookbooks and emergence of the cooking channels present plenty of proofs that the nation clearly is interested in sampling what other cultures have to offer in form of food. An independent research also got to confirm that restaurants that associated themselves as ethnic establishments recorded more customers in their dinners which consequently increased their revenues.

Reasonable Prices: The general public is clearly looking for a place where they will have fun and some good food at affordable prices. No one is looking for a cheap place as class is also of importance here, which is why having fair pricing is of great essence in this industry and the owners of Sea Food Restaurant were banking on their affordable pricing to help them drive in more customers than their competitors. Regardless of the fact that the restaurant business has recorded some great growth in recent years, customers are irrevocably claiming value for their money wherever they go (Sahlman, 2008). This walks hand in hand with customer service where by the customer will also be a regular at a place where they are constantly appreciated rather than where they are not.

Market Segmentation

Sea Food Restaurant looks forward to catering to a wide customer base. Their main aim is to make the customers feel welcome, respected and entertained. They have been able to clearly define the target groups that will contribute to the growth estimates that the owners have been projecting:

  • The corporate clientele
  • Dating Couples
  • Travelers
  • High-End Singles
  • Tourists

These meticulous market sectors happen to be aged between twenty five and fifty years old respectively and they happen to have disposable income and they are seeking stylish places where they can unwind after a tough week and just have some feel-good fun moments. This age group is known for frequently trying out other restaurants and bars in a given area and they also like to spend more on things they perceive as exclusive, sophisticated and multi-ethnic. They are known to be quite open in trying new things for example new foods on the menu and also new drinks. They are known to also embrace the international synthesis gastronomy.

Market Profile Pie Chart


Chart shows number of visitors in and who they are to the society in the area.

Market Analysis Summary

Judging by the above survey, it would be wise to have a base for more singles that will come and meet other singles and also a place for the corporate persons. One thing that is quite clear is that the general public has craving for well made food and also an amazing place where they will have a quiet relaxing time.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Strategy is key when it comes to running a restaurant business. That is why it is recommended that one establish one where there are lots of human traffic and also other activities that will help the business thrive. Another new marketing strategy that has proved to work especially for the fast food restaurants is by providing a see-through kitchen which in turns gives the customer the satisfaction that the staff is committed to food freshness and cleanliness. Also having the kitchen produce sweet smells of freshly done foods in the near by areas will drive in new and existing customers who want to try out what may be cooking in the kitchen (Pinson,  2008).

In a bid to succeed in this line of business, it is vital to offer the customers a sense of professionalism and excellence. The dining area should also be appealing the public as this also plays a major role is driving in t he customers and telling them the kind of restaurant they are dining at. Creation of customer awareness in the neighborhood is of importance as these are the people who will form the core existing clients. Quality is important as people love to feel the value of their money. Maintaining high standards is important as it will enable the clients to be the main marketers of the restaurant through the word of mouth basis. Cleanliness is another very important aspect as it will attract customers for they will always feel safe eating at the restaurant because they know that the food and handling is of high quality.

One should strive to create an attractive and entertaining atmosphere with unbeatable eminence at an incomparable price. A thrilling and forth coming restaurant should be the main focus that way they will be the talk of the town all over. For that reason, the implementation of a carefully crafted concept is the most important element of the plan. All the menu items should be moderately priced to be in line with the earnings of the said area. However, this should not be mistaken for a strive to be the lowest-priced restaurant, it should be purely known as the basis that has been laid down to be the value leader

Web Plan Summary

In a bid to be where they want to be in a few years time, the owners of the restaurant ought to bring about the ideology of a functioning website that will be instrumental in bringing in business for the restaurant. A well sustained functioning website is of great importance as it will direct people to your restaurant and shows the menu of what options they will have when they pay you a visit. It should be attractive and informative though the literature should be brief and to the point as lots of writing will bore the reader. One of the quick ways to bring customers to both your site and restaurant should be the downloading and printing of coupons which are redeemable at the restaurant through some discounted meals or redeemable meal accompaniments like drinks or salads. This will ensure enough data traffic on the site and enough human traffic in the restaurant. Branding of merchandise would do well also in creating awareness too. Another major web plan project would be the hosting of online events like supporting a charities fund raising which will also serve as a corporate, social responsibility act. Sooner or later, when more restaurants are opened, the site will now assume the functions of internal communications channel through a password-protected area. Here, company rules, health department regulations, news, advertisements, chat, external and internal announcements and virtual meetings will take place and it will in turn create employment. One of the appealing things about having a website is that it is regarded as a customer service device rather than a source meant for raking in revenue. Though it at some point generate revenue it is not that easy to project how much one can acquire from it though.

Management Team

A well experienced management team is vital in the restaurant business. The years of experience come in handy in decision making and creation of new products as they strive to keep the restaurant on top of the table. The management team is known to basically comprise of the Executive Chef, Restaurant manager, bar managers and also other managers who will be in charge of procurement and logistics issues. All the day to day activities are planned by these managers and also ensure that the restaurant is in full compliance with the federal and state institutions regulations concerning cleanliness, pest and waste control measures. A whole lot of these restaurants are owned independently by a group of entrepreneurs or sole ownership and are also associated with their own unique brand and design and the kind of atmosphere that they create. Service implementation and food, beverage offering remains to be a priority and it only play a minimal role in bringing back customers because the site managers is the one who the customers watch and if they do not feel treated right they will find other diners where they will be appreciated irrespective of the food being served there. That is what offering a smile to clients is recommended and also making them comfortable regardless of their behavior towards you for they are the life line of the restaurant. Most surveys conducted have shown that most customers tend to go back to the restaurant where they are appreciated and most of them are on record saying that the staffs there remember their names or even favorite meals. This gives the client a warm sense of feeling that makes them feel like they belong (Abrams & Kleiner, 2003).

Financial Analysis

The financial analysis of the restaurant is a very vital document that is put in order in a bid to study and investigate the various financial statements that are normally involved in the day to day running of the restaurant establishment. This analysis ought to show an assortment of activities that are in line with the finances in sales, marketing, profit and loss among others. The analysis also gives guidance to the owners or managers as to whether they should continue with the same trend or they should change course of the business. It is vital in showing whether new equipments should be purchased or hiring of new employees should take place. The quotient that is normally used in performing the financial analysis is made up of; Activity analysis ratio, Capital market analysis ratio, Capital structure analysis ratio and Profitability analysis ratio.

These are used as ballpark figures in estimation on the financial stability and the profitability of the business entity. This also helps one see the past performances and the present performances of the business and in some instances can be used to project on the near financial future. In most instances the primary purposes for carrying out these analysis is to keep tabs on the establishment and know where one is moving to; whether the business has been performing or it is making losses and whether there are irregularities in the monetary system of the business entity. It is therefore recommended that this financial analysis be conducted to help the business owners keep vigil of their investments and also get to understand the business dynamics more often as the line of business keeps changing from time to time.


Financial Analysis Chart Showing income and expenditure


OCTOBER 31, 2011










  FOOD STUFFS 58,000
WINE 250,000
BEER 3,000

  ARTWORK 123,000