This is a book whose author John Knowles wrote it on the setting of the times during the World War II, at a place known as Devon which was a school where students could board privately in  the New Hampshire on the Atlantic Coast. In the school’s campus ran scenery of two rivers mainly the Devon River which was known to be a fresh water body and the other river being Naguamsett River which was a salty and swampy like water body. The set of this work’s action rotates around an oak tree which is said to be predominate overhanging a creek ( Bloom 32).

In this book, Gene and Finny standout to be the main characters. During the summer period at the Devon ( Bloom 32).  The school worked towards making sure that the students would acquire their diploma before proceeding towards when they would be eighteen years. Gene and Finny are said to be acquaintances and at the same time roommates. Gene is a good student who is academically privileged on his own interests. Finny has the natural athlete physique which portrays him as a leader of all the other boys in school. His ability gives him the lee way to organize games such as Bitzball and Winter Carnival a factor which makes Gene jealous of his ability to do such.

Main Characters.

Gene Forester. He is the main ideal character whose behaviors are based on protagonist nature and his envious nature over his friend Finny leads to his untimely death. He is always suspicious of motivations bestowed by Finny since he has this ultra ego and attitude which makes him think that no other person is of complete pureness as Finny.

Phineas.  He is a character who is always on contrary with rules and regulations governing the school. His behavior is always noted due to his constant lateness to go or supper and also wearing the school uniform tie where its not supposed to be worn ie  in form of a belt, wearing of the pink shirt and coming up with the Super Suicide Society during the summer period (Stopard 18).

Brinker Hadley.  He is the known student leader whose concerns are mainly based on him losing his authoritative power which has been threatened by the popularity gained by Finny.

Edward Lepellier. He is the character who prefers isolating and being isolated from other people and his classmates are always fond of making ludicrous comments about him. His importance is of essence because he was there when finny dropped down when he was on top of an oak tree. He pulls a surprise to his classmates when he decides to be among the paratroopers after he watches the army recruiter video but he later decides to withdraw from the army and going back returning  home in Vermont after being insane (Knowles 43).

The novel begins when Gene returns to the school years after his graduation with him flashbacking on the events of the then summer period. What he reencounters’ first is his hate for Finny’s attitude toward power when they went for a tea. Finny who dresses the school tie as belt and wears a pink shirt, makes Gene castigate him as the only person who does what he feels like and gets away even wearing such an outfit. The same Finny is the one who establishes the Super Suicide Society during the summer period and imposes himself and Gene as the leaders who also suggests that they jump from the tree once but is seen to be a dangerous move. As they attempted the jump for the first time Gene trips almost falling but Finny get hold of him. In the second attempt Gene kinds of gets jounced by his limb and Finny reaches to help him but gene allows him to fall making him break his leg. This action makes Gene feel guilty as a result of his jealous actions towards Finny. Finny does not want to accept the the very truth  that Gene made him fall  because it will differ with other people’s ideas of them being good together. Finally, though  Finny admits it when he his asked questions by Brinker at the events he trys to escape and run away he trips and falls and rolls on the  the stairs case whereby his leg breaks again. During the surgery to fix his leg, bone marrow goes through his bloodstream and he dies.


Insecurity: Gene shows he’s insecure regarding his intelligence and his ability.

Denial: Finny doesn’t want to accept the fact is the one who caused the falling of Gene from the top of the tree.

Jealousy: Gene is always has a heavy eye for  Finny’s talent of  athletes Ability.




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