The media inventory presents media that surround my life on an everyday basis. The media are the television, cellular phone, Internet and movies. A brief description of each of them and there entertainment ecology is as follows. Stating with the television, historically, a television set is a development that came into being in the 1900s, when English inventor A.A Campbell and Russian Boris Rosing came up with a cathode ray tube that could transmit information. Technology has advanced over the years with the replacement of cathode ray with LED television that has better picture and sound quality. In addition to that, since the year 1996, the television could be viewed over the Internet meaning that one can watch television anywhere without necessarily carrying a television set around.
In terms of television entertainment ecology, it is in such a way that, every channel has one or two in style shows, and the rest are in essence nothing but additives to the central characteristic of entertainment or information. (Xiao, 2011). Apart from music, there are shows that air during prime time. Prime time in this case means a time when there is largest audience, mostly between 7 and 10 Pm in the evening. Other programs that are less attractive are squeezed to later hours like late morning hours and late evenings. In addition to that, television entertainment has interruptions every few minutes for advertisements. The frequency of such advertisements depends on the amount of money that their owners pay to the television company. This essentially means that, if an advert is appearing more frequently than another one, its owners have paid more.
The second media on the inventory is the cellular phone. This is the media that people carry around everywhere as the world gets heavily interconnected through communication. This medium came up in the year 1983 and has evolved at a very fast rate with massive changes in functionality and design. While the phone started out solely as a communication medium, today’s cellular phones can take pictures, play videos and run many applications that can be accessed from the Internet. The cellular phone’s entertainment ecology is mainly through new media that are easily accessible through today’s Internet enabled cellular phones. Such new media include Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. In addition to that, it presents a capacity to store music and other entertainment features that can be enjoyed while one is on the move. (Oelkers & Kaser, 2007).
The other key, media is the Internet. This media derives its name from the Internet protocol, a modus operandi that applies in every computer device on the planet. This media came with the increased ability to access, find, and manage information on anything that comes to mind. In terms of its entertainment ecology, this media has changed drastically the manner in which people entertain themselves. Through the Internet, one chooses the entertainment that they want. This concept ensures that there is no boring time on the Internet. One can access movies of their choice, music and currently new media that have taken the globe by storm. Examples include Facebook and Twitter. (Biagi, 2011).
The last entertainment media in the inventory is movies. A movie is a connected cinematic narrative represented in motion and rapidity. This entertainment has time limitation given that it takes time and requires a longer concentration period. In terms of ecology, this entertainment is available on a free time basis. It is the main reason why, in the media inventory it presents the lowest frequency and takes place at night after a days work. (Miller, 2008).
Based on my inventory, it is clear that, the first three media that is television, cellular phone and the Internet have a sense of convergence. I use my cell phone for all communication, texting, Facebook and applications. In addition, I use T.V to watch my desired shows and also surf the internet. I also use it to view my preferred movies like Netflix on the Internet. In addition to that, the media in my life presents detailed content because, if information airs on television, it is possible to access its intricate details through the cellular phone or from the Internet on a PC. The media also presents a scenario where my life is surrounded with media that has a heavy concentration of information and entertainment.
New technologies on my inventory have served to a great extent in improving my social life. This is because, through the cellular phone, I have unlimited access to the people that matter the most in life. In addition to that, the Internet presents access to new media like social networking sites where it is now easy to meet new people who have similar attributes and in the process, widen the scope of my social life. For example, through the Internet it is possible to access Facebook, the largest social network on the globe and in the process link up with friends from old times, and even new friends through affiliation to my already existing friends. In addition, thanks to my cellular phone, I can now communicate with my friends who are long distances away.