Mike Davis: Los Angeles Militarization of Urban Units
Main Arguments
– The government feels that setting up new structures to promote development and tourism is more profitable than improving public facilities.
– Keys to the homeless satisfaction.
• Reduced police harassment
• Use taxes in the development of facilities like the parks and beaches
• Build more public toilets
– Discrimination against the less fortunate is unethical. The architectural structures and rules put in place make it difficult for the lower class, in the article, the homeless, are not welcomed in the cities and homes. It is survival for the fittest, if one is not capable of handling the lifestyle; they end up being out casts.
– Discrimination and Insecurity is promoted by the difference in social class.
– Middle class earners live a better life than the homeless do who have limited accessibility to public amenities like toilets.

Article Review
According to Eitzen and Baca Zinn, some institutions in the society may be resistant to change; they argue that different conditions in structure in the society may affect the functioning of different families. Different families with different economic status are identified from each other and rank established according to capability. Changes in the environment affects individual’s reaction to the change, in our case, the government sought to drive away low income earning individuals and replace recreational facilities with buildings for development considering insecurity would be reduced. This led to a significance rebellion and even more crime as the low-income earners tried to adapt to the lifestyle. In the Los Angeles case, instead of doing away with the parks and beaches, for example, more money should be invested in upgrading these facilities rather than destroy them. This will not only lead to some level of satisfaction, but also reduce crime levels, which is actually the main point of argument in the article. There is also a need to involve them in developmental activities to reduce idling and better their livelihood source.
In his article, Militarization of urban space, Mike Davis shows how the government in the city of Los Angeles are turning public space into their own beneficial entities and reducing recreational facilities. Democratic Space, as we are told is diminishing in the society and once known beautiful parks, beaches and resting spaces have become no more. Davis wrote this article to point out how the government is failing in satisfying every individual and in turn neglecting citizen in the lower income-earning bracket. Instead, the government invests in those above the food chain giving priorities to development within this rich individual’s society. The reasons these changes are implemented have been explained to be due to lack of enough security to the society and hence the government visions a better and secure environment without these public sites. ‘With more infrastructure put in their place, there will be less insecurity and tourism can in turn be promoted to bring in more returns,’ as the government suggests. The neighborhoods of the wealthy dominate the city with thousands of security guards protecting those in the higher income bracket due to an unexpected increase in insecurity. Ironically, the employed guards hail from the lower income bracket that are considered a threat in the society and without even noticing it, they turn on their own kind.
The poor have been literally pushed out of the City damping them into their own space away from the rich folks. There are measures put in place to ensure that they stay out of the city like increasing the number of policemen who like I have stated, are full of harassment, the introduction of the sprinkler systems that ensure the parks are inhabitable at night and such measures as uncomfortable benches on bus parks to keep individuals from sleeping on them. There is strict legislation put in place to limit the less able in the society from operating within the city and plans to differentiate distinctly the two social classes erected. The homeless are clearly discriminated against making them aware that they are not part of that society they once belonged to, they are in constant war with the security personnel. This article explains to the reader the importance of the government investing in the low class citizens who have no source of livelihood and only seeks comfort on a daily basis.